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  André Dea | Drum Teacher at IBVF Brasil



ANDRÉ DEA was born in Curitiba, Brazil.

Drummer of the Supercombo band, he started studying drums in 2000. Since then, he played in several bands from his city, until became member of Sugar Kane band, in 2007. With Sugar Kane members, he moved out to São Paulo city and recorded three albums, two EPs and a live DVD.

He played with Vespas Mandarinas band from 2011 to 2016. With this band, he recorded an EP, a single and the “Animal Nacional” album, which was released by Deck Disc record label and nominee for Latin Grammy “Best Brazilian album”.

The Brazilian edition of the American Modern Drummer - which is the most widely read magazine dedicated to drummers and percussionists - interviewed him twice.

Besides being the Supercombo band drummer, he works on the projects Violeta Soda and Sugar Kane. He’s one of the Estúdio Costella partners, which is located in São Paulo city. It's a recording and rehearsal studio.

Currently, André Dea is drum teacher at IBVF Brasil.

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