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The drum course is divided in 9 terms that explore various subjects of the learning process. From the technique to the ear training, including reading and writing, the students will improve their skills and execute what they learned during the course.

Supervision | Vera Figueiredo.
Teachers | Vera Figueiredo, Fernando Amaro, Bruna Barone and Thiago Vilela.


Developed to attend children from 4 years old, this course uses the playful as a tool to help the students during the learning process. The DRUM KIDS, written by Leonor Júnior is the chosen book to this course. The author bets on coloring the drawings, in order to introduce the children to music reading in a light and efficient way.
Course available in Portuguese and/or English.

Supervision | Vera Figueiredo
Professor | Renan da Silva

The course is divided in 2 terms and introduces the students to the universe of Samba and its instruments, such as cuíca, surdo and pandeiro. Technique, reading and the story about the origin of Samba are included in this program, as well as the study of improvisation.

Supervision | Vera Figueiredo
Coordination | Julio Cesar
Teacher | Julio Cesar

This course has the goal to improve the students’ musical knowledge and their performance as a musicians. It also shows other options a musician has to work with, such as songwriter, arranger, band leader.
Knowledge is an essential tool to make a project works well. It’s important for a musician knowing how to work in different musical areas. Playing with a big band, trio or musical show; performing as a freelancer musician, recording with several artists, performing during concerts of several artists, and recording their albums, as well as playing with TV shows bands. There are so many things you are able to do as a musician.
The knowledge about rhythm, melody and harmony is fundamental in a musician education, and no matter how instrument chosen.
Supervision | Vera Figueiredo.
Teachers | Vera Figueiredo, Fernando Amaro, Bruna Barone and Thiago Vilela.
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